Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4

Diverse City DDR

Here is the background that appears while the song “Diverse City” by tobyMac is played on the original Xbox game Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4. This is an achievement that Toby boasts about in his CCM promotional page. Notice that the background for Toby’s song shows a blonde woman that covers one eye and puts on excessive make-up on her eyes and lips. The black-haired woman on the right also touts a lot of make-up. Both women are inside a room where the window shows off a luxurious car and the table seems to have an alcoholic beverage along with two drinking glasses.

Dance Dance Revolution usually allows players to change their characters according to gender, modesty and so forth. However, on two gamers’ channels, the female characters dancing to tobyMac’s music were dressed very immodestly. One had a brassière top and long pants. The other was even worse, essentially wearing just a bra and panties!
Is this how tobyMac wants women to dress when they dance to his “Christian” music?
tobyMac DDR

Here is the Ultramix 4 song selection screen with tobyMac’s song selected. It’s located right in between “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo and the stripper song “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls! Come on, Toby!

Not content with simply appearing in the official Dance Dance Revolution series, tobyMac also licensed a dozen of his songs to Dance Praise: a bootleg, counterfeit and illegal DDR knock-off by a now-defunct “Christian” company! The songs are spread among three games and three expansion packs.

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